12 juillet 2010

Amelie before Chanel

Audrey_TautouThe point in caricature is recognizing famous faces, so don't worry, I won't only caricature historical figures, but also contemporary celebrities.

Today, an organic product issued from the film industry, a little french actress becoming more and more well-known. Audrey Tatou has not suffered a lot under my pen ( I could resolve myself to make this pretty face look ugly ). The spoon is obviously a reference of the character of Amélie that revealed her to the cinema ( ya, she's not only a descendant of Jesus or a fashion designer who has given her name for a perfume ).

If you want to know what I personally think of the movie Amelie, as a French, I would say that it's a very enjoying and poetic entertainment, and I would really love to be in the fictionous country she seems to live in...

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