23 juin 2010

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham_Lincoln_caricatureAbraham Lincoln ( 1809-1865 ) :

Sixteenth President of the ( more of less ) United States and the first to possess a wart near his nostril. In the perspective of gathering more voices for his next campaign, he abolished slavery in 1865, thus making Afro-Americans to join the so far very selective club of Human Rights. His mandate was a bit disturbed by the American Civil War, which opposed the Union Troops in their flamboyant navy blue uniform thanks to the Fairy Washing Powder, and the Confederate Army, whose light grey never faded with the triple action of the new Omo.

Irony can be a bitch, since the War will end only four days before he would be murdered by a fire shot while he was at the theater. There is no moral in this story, but it gives you a good excuse for not going with your wife to attend this boring play she planned to see with you next sunday. You never know.

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