26 juin 2010

The Little "Pince Sans Rire"


This little fellow comes from a series of drawings I started on the original blog, and I'm still continuing it. Unfortunately, I don't think you will see a lot of them since most of his aphorisms involve french puns (  they are often the only point of the drawing ). I will every now and then translate one or two of his appearances when there is no play on words.

He was created as a spoof of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's classic of litterature, " Le Petit Prince " ( " The Little Prince" ), a children story about a little boy living on a ridiculously tiny asteroid and having naive remarks on life.

My version is dark haired and named " Le Petit Pince-Sans-Rire ", which is yet another pun of word in french. "Pince" sounds similar to "Prince", and a "pince-sans-rire" is how we call somebody with a cynical and dry wit.

I know, it's never funny when you explain a joke...

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