20 juin 2010


She's supposed to represent the incarnation of ideal beauty, the climax of feminity and the depiction of inaccessible love. "Supposed". According to my own scale, it may be the best illustration of non-realistic female representation my metacarpuses could produce. It doesn't mean I can't do better than that. But once I finished drawing this brunette, I wouldn't change anything. It's nearly my vision of the perfect girl. Still, I prefer those in the real world, if only for their tri-dimensional side...
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20 juin 2010

Wyrd Sisters, Act I

A company of amateur actors in Lyon asked me to create playbills for them. For the making of these, I needed loads of pics of the actors in costume and to read what the play was about. In fact, it was more for pleasure since it's Stephen Brigg's adaptation of Terry Pratchett's novel " Wyrd Sisters ", which, while hiding behind a parody of Macbeth, tells the adventures of three witches involved in a story of crown, bloody hands, illegitimate sons and laundry baskets...
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20 juin 2010

W. W. W. ( Where Were We ? )

It's quite amusing to note that this blog underwent a period of non-activity at the same point as its french counterpart...This drawing was done precisely because I had been absent for a while, and it fits perfectly here. I will therefore repeat the same political speech I said in the french version : The Blog of Lesco Griffe starts today another era of its History. I promise you more regular updates, even if I have had to display rough sketches and be a little bit confused in the conjugaison...Henceforth, there will be portraits... [Lire la suite]
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